Reach - Bluetooth related and app talk

Please update your ReachView, this bug has been fixed (there was a lat/lon mixup in the status).

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Hi Igor,
thanks for your reply.
The screenshots I posted were taken with ReachView version v0.4.4.
I updated to v0.4.5, but nothing changed.
What astonishes me the most is the big difference in altitude.
When I reach a fix solution, there’s no difference in lat and lon between ReachViewApp and Mobile Topographer, but altitude in Mobile Topographer is still wrong.
Any other possible explication?


The lat/lon mixup should have been fixed in 0.4.4, please try clearing the cache of your browser. At least it would be good to see that there is no lat/lon issue.

Height is most likely different because NMEA reports height above geoid.

Eventually I found a possible reason of this mismatch.
First thing to say, with fix solution there is no difference in lat/lon, but only in altitude.
It seems to me that Mobile Topographer Pro misunderstands the NMEA $GPGGA string.
In this string there is an altitud above ellipsoid and a correction to add to obtain MSL. On the contrary, what I see in Mobile Topographer is a MSL corrected subtracting this correction. For this reason the above MSL in Mobile Topographer and in ReachView App differ that much.
If anyone can confirm my supposition, I would be grateful.
The version of Mobile Topographer Pro I am using is 10.9.0.

I’m seeing the same sort of thing - mobile topographer pro was reading 32.3m higher than reachview. Have you found a work-around?

Master survey 2016
Relase info - Introducing SURVEY MASTER by ComNav Technology ! GNSS T300 driven by your SmartPhone ...
App -

Just gonna tip you about this app, similar to the above but havent testet it up with reach yet.
On phone with gps it looks promising.

Well. the above app, Master survey 2016 does not work properly.
I managed to connect via bluetooth but no coordinates were displayed. Tried different output solutions but no luck.

i have the same problem, when i use the mobile topographer, the altitude is different beetween reach appview and mobile topographer and ntripclient…

There could be several reasons. Is your ntrip provider using ellisoid or geoide, have you adjusted pole offset, is device elevation set in mobil topographer. Is geoid close to ellipsoid
My last survey with ntrip correction from a VRS base 5km away, gave my a height farely close to correct height above sea level. MSL on topograph was wrong and alltitude showing my the correct one.

I think SurveyMaster is only compatible with their own T300 receiver. That’s often the case that the field software is only compatible with the manufacturer’s own receivers.

Has anybody on this forum successfully used the survey app Topview for Android with Reach. It appears to be a complete professional surveying data collector with line work tools. It’s not free but there is a demo version and the license can be purchased for a daily rate :slight_smile: I spent some time looking at it this afternoon and thought I’d see if anyone else has any experience with it. The line work part is what appeals to me. Thanks

I do not but will try and take a look.

Thanks for the response. If you can’t find it on the Play store check out
I’m not even sure if it’s compatible with Reach.

Been looking for one of these as well, the one you linked seem to be spanish only however (or well, really poor translations to english, at least). I did find something else that looks fairly promising for what I need: They also seem to have given a though about the UX and how the app actually looks, same cannot be said for the TopView one… :stuck_out_tongue: Going to give it a try this weekend.

Cool, thanks! Lefebure can also receive corrections from NTRIP, but we do not support input of correction trough bluetooth yet

Bluetooth with input/output correction out in Reachview 2.5.0. Go nuts

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Way ahead of me :sweat_smile:

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SuperSurv 10 is working with Reach/RS

And you dont need Lefebure, you can just connect via BLuetooth setting in SuperSurv.
Now, it states 7 days trial, but i never got that option to work so i cant say anything about the functions

Anyone bought this or manage to get the trialperiod to work?


SuperSurv has trialmode if you download from their website and signing up.

How to connect Reach to SuperSurv via bluetooth

Connection over TCP also work between SuperSurv and Reach.
That is actually a nice feature. Less battery is consumed

Edit: And TCP connection

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