Reach - Bluetooth related and app talk

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Since ReachView version v0.2.2, its possible to connect phone/tablets via bluetooth.
I`m new to all this so i like to share experience with application that works, could work and so on.

Tested on my phone, a Samsung s5 with android version 5.0


Mobile topographer pro (Working)

Bluetooth GPS Provider (working)

Lefebure NTRIP (Working) -

RTKGPS+ (Not recommende.)
I have found another app, called rtk gps -


Lefebure NTRIP also supports mock location over Bluetooth, but we have not tested it yet. RTKGPS+ will not work with solution input, you can stream raw data to it and use it to calculate position, but I would not recommend that. The app has not been updated for a while.

yes, all i could get with rtk+ was connection error (111).

Does Lefebure NTRIP work for you?

Yes, eventually.

Made connection with the following setting, bottom picture.
Had to use “secure via reflection”

Nice! Mock locations functional as well?

both on and of yes.

Cool, thanks! Lefebure can also receive corrections from NTRIP, but we do not support input of correction trough bluetooth yet.

Bluetooth GPS Provider also work -

Nice review!

Nice :slight_smile:

If you are interested I’m actually using a Raspberry Pi to do RTK corrections via Lefebure NTRIP via bluetooth… It works quite well!

Is RTKlib on Reach configurable via bluetooth?

@Pi_RTK At the moment Reach uses Bluetooth only for an output of the solution.

Survey for fence
Quote from another post

Hi everyone.
I’m using Mobile Topographer Pro, but when I start surveying I see positions that differ a lot from what appears in ReachViewApp. Why does this occur?

Are you also using ntrip?

You mean Lefebure NTRIP Client? Yes, I configured it as suggested in Reach guide. I also tried Bluetooth GPS Provider.
Both gave me results that differed from ReachViewApp.

Please update your ReachView, this bug has been fixed (there was a lat/lon mixup in the status).

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Hi Igor,
thanks for your reply.
The screenshots I posted were taken with ReachView version v0.4.4.
I updated to v0.4.5, but nothing changed.
What astonishes me the most is the big difference in altitude.
When I reach a fix solution, there’s no difference in lat and lon between ReachViewApp and Mobile Topographer, but altitude in Mobile Topographer is still wrong.
Any other possible explication?


The lat/lon mixup should have been fixed in 0.4.4, please try clearing the cache of your browser. At least it would be good to see that there is no lat/lon issue.

Height is most likely different because NMEA reports height above geoid.