Reach blinks Green/Magenta - WiFi hotspot appears but cant connect to ReachView app

I was using my Reachs yesterday, and all went fine. Today when I powered them to access the logs, they create the hotspot, I can connect to the hotspot, but cant connect to ReachView app.

The LED flashes Green and Magenta intermittently. When I could connect before, the LED used to be solid Green.

Does anyone know what to do?

What do you see if you type http:reach.address:5000

Like the defined IP, it simply wont load the page.

In the moment I’m reflashing it with Reach Image 2.3

After reflashing the board I was able to gain acess to ReachView again. Unfortunately I lost my logs.

FYI: For future reference, if the app does not respond for some reason, you can usually ssh in to Reach and salvage your log files before you do the flash.

Flashing will install a clean system, so all the logs will unfortunately be gone.

Green and magenta mean that the device is waiting for a time sync. Without wifi this can be overcome by plugging an antenna and throwing it out of the window for 30 seconds. After the time is synced, the app will start and LED will be solid green.

Thank you for the advice! Next time I will check that. My internet link was bad in the office, so that was probably the problem.