Reach battery level


I’m using reach RTK module with ReachView v2.9.1-10.
The module is powered with an USB power bank.
I didn’t find in Reachview any information about power status.
Is there a way to check the battery level from a command line (ssh) interface ?
I notice in the doc that the LED blink magenta every 10-15s when the power is low, so I suppose there is somewhere in the linux filesystem a file with battery level.



Reach RS has internal battery and will show power level using built-in circuitry.

Reach module has no battery, and as such, no power level circuitry.

If you have a USB power bank and it provides power level status through the USB cable then yes, you could use a command on Reach to access it.

My power bank does not communicate over USB. It only provides power. So my power level status comes from 4 blue LEDs on the USB power bank:

What you could do is calculate how long your USB power bank will last with a 200mA draw. Then write a timer script which starts at boot and reports estimated power level remaining.

The downside to this is that the script would always assume the battery starts out fully charged.


Thanks !
I wanted to check the battery remotely.
Nevertheless, with 200mA draw end 2500 mAh power bank, it should last at least 10 hours, so It is not really an issue.

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