Reach base module antenna physical movement tolerance

I am trying to figure out a way to mount the reach base module onto my current setup. My 1st idea was to put the gps antenna on a very long uav folding gps mount. It does move the antenna high enough to clear the surrounding obstacles, But the carbon fiber rod it is mounted on is somewhat flimsy and the wind makes it move a round a bit. I assume the base module gps antenna needs to be completely still, or is a little movement tolerable? Thanks in advance!

Disregard, I went ahead and made a rigid mast, much better setup :slight_smile:


Boy, that looks skookum! What are all the other gizmos for?

Thanks :smile:

@bide the mast is attached to an antenna mount, it’s de-assembled right now, I’ll up load pics when it’s all back together :slight_smile:

The stuff in the back is a launch pad, a platform that goes into my car for all my gear, and a sine inverter that hook up to my Prius battery system so I have 1000 watts of 120v at my disposal in the field :slight_smile: