Reach - auto connect to network

We are integrating Reach RTK in a mobile robot system for precision agriculture application.
We are using a correction signal which we retrieve through NTRIP (through a wifi network that is available).
At this moment however, when the Reach module has been unpowered, we need to re-connect using the local network it’s sending out, select the wifi network again, then the Reach module connects to the wifi network and we can connect Reachview to the same network to get some feedback.

Is there a way to let the Reach module automatically reconnect to the wifi network it was connected to before unpowering?

thanks in advance!

It should just do that.
Is the wifi shut down or far away before reach powers up again?

Agreed, it should connect automatically.

However, if you need persistent and fast auto-reconnect of the WiFi in case of signal interruption, then that is a question for the Intel Edison people. Surely some Edison user must have posted a method on one of the Intel forums by now.

@TB_RTK, the wifi does not shut down and the modem was situated very close (within 1.5 m)
So it should automatically reconnect to its previous network and if that is not available, it will sendout its own hotspot again?

What Reachview version are you running?

I had v2.9.0 and upgraded to v2.9.3 just now.
When reach was up and running through wifi, I disconnected the power, reconnected it, it searched for a while for a network (blue led flashing) and then went into hotspot mode (blue-white flashing) again, instead of going into wifi client mode

Hmm, unless you have a custom code running on your reach, i would bet your wifi is giving reach a bad handshake.
Is wifi hidden? I would probably try with a different wifi or use phones hotspot to see if reach would autoconnect.

no custom code at all,
I checked and the pc remained connected to the wifi.
When I upgraded the new firmware of reachview, it rebooted and did reconnect to the network, which is quite strange, no?

So its working?
I dont know, could it be overwriting av corrupt code?

no it does not work when the power supply is disconnected.
When I upgraded new firmware of reachview, I rebooted through the app, and then it reconnected, but not when power has been lost (robot power off and later back on again)

Oh ok.
I am out of advice, but would definitly try a different AP point for reach to autoconnect to, just to rule out bad configuratet wifi.


We do have a problem with auto-connecting to other networks. However, if it happens, it happens for about 10% of the time. Can you try it with a different network, as @TB_RTK suggested?

Hi, I tried on the hotspot of my mobile phone twice, and it does not auto-connect either

  • After losing Wifi connection to my home network, Reach won’t create its own wifi network? It was trying to reconnect until we reboot it?
  • I was doing static survey with log file turn on, after few minutes I could connect Reach through my home wifi network work but it stucks at EMLID logo. I could not go into any menu item. Why? If I turn off the Reach RS, will the log file fully saved?

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