Reach app missing bar graph

I am trying to set up 2 reach gps device 1 base and 1 rover over wifi per instructions from the quick start guide ( It seems that I’m getting the correct output but the bar graph is missing in the status tab. Here is a screenshot of the app for my rover after I set everything up according to the guide. Can anyone help me with this issue? THANKS.

I restarted the gps couple hours later and the bar graph came back so I dont know what happened and I did nothing to fix it. If anyone can tell me what happened that would be good but I don’t have the issue anymore.

Refreshing the screen usually works (F5) or you could try CTRL-F5 to refresh from the server instead of the local cache.

If you are on a tablet or phone and lacking those keys, then I have no Idea. Maybe terminate the application and then re-open it. (Not just switch tasks - actually terminate it. Or possibly try to clear cache in your settings or open up a private browsing window instead?)

Weird issue. What browser are you using?

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