Reach and rtknavi at same time

Hi! Is it possible to use reach in real time plus rtknavi on my laptop at the same time?

what i want do?

i want compare in real time reach beta from rtklibexplorer / or new rtklib beta with reach solotion.

it would also be of interest if i run gps and at the other gps/glonass…


Hi Andreas,
i don’t know if its possible to run the rtknavi.exe with the reach receiver, but of course it’s possible with a separate ublox Neo M8T-USB-Board (available at CSG Shop). I tried it with the original RTKLIB-Code and wrote a little tutorial in german language:
If you want to compare original RTKLIB, Emlid and rtklibexplorer-Code, a raspberry pi might be a good solution (pull the code from the various repositories, compile and start rtkrvc).
But then you have to fight with all the config-options, that’s why i love reach. The Emlid guys do a great job making rtklib easier to use…

I think what you are asking Andreas, is if you can:

  • Do normal RTK with a Reach base and Reach rover.
  • At the same time, send rover raw log to rtknavi.exe on your laptop.
  • At the same time, send base RTCM3 messages to rtknavi.exe on your laptop.
  • Have ReachView status page open in your browser while watching rtknavi.exe at the same time.

Sounds like fun!

This functionality is not supported by ReachView. No matter. Getting a second set of the base’s RTCM3 messages to rtknavi.exe is no problem. However, redirecting a copy of the the rover’s raw log to rtknavi.exe might be a bit tricky.

This functionality is supported by ReachView. Simply use the rover to serve it’s raw log and the base’s corrections by TCP server:

Then set up RTKNAVI to use a TCP Client for each data stream:

ok will try this.

i think it will work if: transmit nmea … to base station is off. (because reach can handle 2 rovers at the same tim)