Reach and Reach Rs

Hi friend… …
i have 2 reach emlid that comunicate with a radio rfd (europe transmission).
i would like to buy a reach rs,

  • if possible to use 2 base for correction (reach emlid) a rover (reach rs)
  • it is better to use the reach rs as a base or a rover?


Hi @v.muscio,

No, you can only set one correction input.

There’s no difference in base and rover devices, Reach can be in any role. You need only to change settings in ReachView.

Keep in mind that the RS/RS+ have LoRa (LongRange radio). So you need (2) of those as the non-RS do not have LoRa if you happen to need it.

ok, i have to buy 2 cable of lora connection?

LoRa is long range wireless.

ok, thanks at all…
i have to buy an adaptator?

No, everything you need is in the kits.

Hi @v.muscio,

Do you have 2 original Reach RTK devices based on Intel Edison or Reach M+ devices?

i have 2 oriignal reach rtk device based on intel edison…

So the new LoRa radios for sale won’t work with Edison versions.

i don’t understand anything…

i have 2 device reach emlid intel edison version, and i woul like to buy a reach rs+…

there is a way to akkiw the two devices (reach emlid and reach rs+) to comunicate?

Since you have two OLD “Edison chip” version of the plain Reach RTK (NON-RS/RS+), you cannot use them with the NEW RECENTLY AS OF THIS WEEK LoRa radio add-on for the Reach M+ (with Neutis N5 chip (non-Edison).

Please see the disclaimer on that store webpage:
“Not compatible with the original, Edison-based, Reach.”

If you had or purchase a Reach M+ with this new LoRa radio attachment, you could use with a Reach RS/RS+ you want to purchase.

Probably best to just buy (2) Reach RS (if you can find used or someone has them for cheap) or get the NEW RS+ versions.

I think there is a way to connect some sort of other radio to the former Edison chip Reach RTK units, but I am not familiar with that as I just use (2) Reach RS untis using built-in LoRa. EASY BREEZY.

or if they could revise this setup for sale but with the LoRa radio add-on with it for the bundled M+?

timd1971 thanks for your cooperation…but i don’t understand you…

You mean this one? :slight_smile:

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I use a radio rfd 868 to connect the two devices

This is the optimal choice for RTK communication if you use 2 Reach modules based on Intel Edison.

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yes, but i would like to buy a reach rs+…

and I would like to understand if it is possible to use one reach emlid and reach rs+

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sometimes I do not understand myself either. ; )

Yes, you can use Reach RS+ and Reach in RTK mode with RFD radios. Note, that you will need a converter similar to this (to connect RFD to RS+).

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