Reach and PX4

I received the Reach RTK kit some days ago. I like the way it is set up with Reachview!
Now I want to make it work with Pixhawk and PX4. I tried to follow the guide for Reach integration with Ardupilot. Setting up Telemetry and Mission planner worked just fine. However, I could not find an analogon in PX4 of the parameters that have to be changed in Ardupilot.
I went outside to run a first test to see what worked and what did not. The reach modules (one configured as base, one as rover) both received GPS data and correction was sent from the base to the rover module (only float was achieved, not yet fixed). Also mission planner showed that data was received and sent. However, the pixhawk, which was connected to telemetry and rover module, did not recognize any gps module. Do you know why this could be?

  • In Reachview I set the cross where it said to output NMEA data. Do I have to enable something else? Or choose another format?
  • The rover module is plugged into Serial 4/5. Could it also be connected directly to the GPS port?
  • I did not quite understand why telemetry has to be used (for the setup with ardupilot). The reach kit can already exchange correction data using wifi. I thought that the rover module would directly output its corrected position to the Pixhawk?
  • Do you know if I have to enable something else in the PX4 software?

I am thankful for any help!