Reach and Pixhawk 2

Does it work with Pixhawk 2? Does someone has it working?

I second that question, have been working on upgrading to the newest flight controller for our quadplane and wanted to add a reach to it, but noticed that serial 4/5 is now in the GPS 2 port, I have the pinouts of the reach and the pinouts of gps2 port on the new pixhawk 2, but have just began diving into it trying to figure out a cable for it! Hoping someone else may have already figured out a way! What do the GPIO pins 2 and 3 do on the reach are they SCL and SDA.

Thanks for all the help

I have the reach working with pixhawk 2.

I followed the tutorial for pixhawk 1 but instead of using serial 4/5 I used gps2.

I only used 5v TX RX and Ground on the reach.

I use the same radio for corrections and telemetry as described in the tutorial.

As I asked this question I was working on it and have got reach working on pixhawk 2 you actually can repurpose the gps2 cable into one that will work on the reach! i just cut the original df13 connector that went to the reach that was in serial4/5 and everything is working perfect just add the wires into the JST-GH connector like they are in the df13 and you should be good to go!