Reach and Navio 2 on PX4 stack or QGCS - not Ardupilot ?!

Hello, is it possible to run

a) the Navio 2 on a pixhawk wiht PX4 - QGroundcontrol Station - NOT the ardupilot flight stack ?

b) is the Navio 2 / Reach supported by Qgroundcontrol Station - NOT mission Planner?

I do not like MIssion planner… I look for RTK support in Qgroundcontrol Station …


What do you mean by “Navio 2 on a pixhawk” ? Navio2 works without the Pixhawk.

The Navio2 port of the PX4 flight stack is done by the PX4 team and they are very close.

AFAIK QGC does not support GPS injection at the moment.

Sorry I meant to say,

  • can the reach can be used on the PX4 Flight stack, but you ansered it i think by saying
    that QGC does not support GPS injection.

They should do this, i do not understand why their developers do not make an effort here.

If you get a Navio 2 port to the PX4 flight stack, then there will be no use of an RTK GPS / Reach on the Navio 2 as the GPS injection will be missing, If i am not mistaken…

Thank you for the quick reply!!

Depends on the goal. There is currently no support of the ERB protocol in PX4, but there are still ways to use it.

If you want to provide precise coordinates to non-Ardupilot based autopilot then Reach is able to output NMEA, so if the autopilot supports it then they can cooperate. Corrections can be transferred over a separate radio or over the internet.

If you just want to log a precise track then there is no need to connect Reach to the autopilot at all. Simply set up Reach to log the data and process it after the flight.

Ok thanks for letting me know.

To clarify: Can the Reach connected to the Navio 2 provide Q Ground Control Station
with RTK coordinates, e.g. for an automission to be run with exact coordinates?
Or is the RTK coordinates feed to the Navio 2 independent from QGCS?

I remember in the Mission planner one had to inject GPS coodinates, of course which QGCS does not support.

Reach can provide RTK coordinates to any autopilot that accepts NMEA or ERB regardless of the ground control station.
Injection of the corrections into telemetry is one of the convenient ways to provide corrections, but there are other alternatives like using a separate radio or connecting Reach to the cellular network.