Reach and dji phantom 3

is possible to install Reach in a Dji Phantom 3 ?


It depends on what you want to do with it. Reach can collect raw data and camera triggering events without communicating with the autopilot. If you want to send precise coordinates to phantom autopilot than is is not possible as DJI has proprietary protocols.

I would use it to take the points target to reach by land rtk then align them in correction of pix4d or PhotoScan with data rtk points to reach land. is this possible and if you like to do?

Is it possible to sync up the data?

I think The most interest issue is how to hack the phantom 3 camera and syncronized with reach so the log file containing the time mark of the camera shutter event??? (Forgive me if i am wrong)…

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Well it must be the same problem with other drones. Any ideas on what software you can use to do this? It would just look at the time stamps of when the photos were taken then cross reference that with the rtk gps corrections & rewrite the gps metadata.

I’m looking at a way to integrate this with drone deploy.

How would I gather the info re shutter release? I want to rig up whatever I need to get the ground control points from my phantom 3 and upload to DroneDepoly in order to get contour lines…
If there are any tutorials to help that’d would be awesome.
There’s so much info on the forums it’s tricky to find what I need!