Reach + 3G/LTE dongle problem


I am trying to connect 3G dongle (Huawei E173u-2) to my REACH however I have some problem.
I supply power through LiPo 10000mAh battery -> Pixhawk -> Reach everything work fine. But when I also plug 3G dongle (via USB OTG) REACH can not connect to Wi-Fi and dongle do not have power.

Thanks in advance for help.

I believe that Pixhawk is not supplying enough power.

Any idea how to deal with it? I need connection between Reach and Pixhawk (position output) and second UART is used for Time Marks from camera.

You will need to inject power from a separate power supply in the 5V and GND lines.

Thanks for fast respond I will try direct power supply form battery.