Reach/3dr printed case project

I seeked out another member to have a 3D printed case made except I wanted one small addition. I used the model “D” case and then joined a case for the 3dr radio. Dual case setup but individually housed to keep electronics segregated. Both the Reach and the 3dr radio must be removed from their original shrink wrap/case to fit inside their sections. Both antenna holes are on one end for easier mounting orientation, I also asked to have that end lined up in case you want to mount the antennas through a project box. See pictures 1&2 to see what I mean, antenna end lines up, wire end overhangs. Now I can use two sided tape or longer screws from the case to mount this inside a small project box. Now things aren’t zipped tied together and just thrown in a box…

I can provide an STL file for this “Joined Case” in case anyone wants to print their own.


Very nice. Now I have my reach module and telemetry radios attached with velcro stripe so… Could you share the stl model, please?
Eladio L. García

It’s on my home desktop, I’ll post when I leave work.

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download (3).zip (2.4 MB)

That should do it!


*Hence the (3) files


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