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Hi. I was hoping I could ask your advice on an issue I’m having relating to the above post. I am using an M2 with an Antenna. I also have access to an RS2 which I’ve been testing in parallel. I am producing RINEX files to upload for PPP. When I log RINEX with the RS2, I can see in the header the receiver as well as the antenna descriptions. I also see there is no Delta H value (it’s set to zero). My interpretation of this is that the antenna description is automatically entered into the RINEX file by the receiver so that no ARP antenna height is needed when submitting to PPP. I am aware that the ARP offset of the RS2 is about 135mm, so the antenna description is being used by PPP to determine the offset. That all makes sense to me. However, there is no antenna information included with the RINEX files produced by the M2. I’ve tried entering the antenna description manually into the RINEX file for submission (HXCGPS500 NONE) and this returns a height adjustment in the PPP results of about 90mm. I’ve also tried simply adding the ARP height claimed by the manufacturer of 51mm (Delta H = 0.0510 meters). I was hoping you could have some insight into what I’m experiencing. Do you have a preference for which approach I should take, either entering antenna description, or manual Delta H height. And 2. do you have an idea as to why the HXCGPS500 antenna description returns a 90mm correction as opposed to the ARP height as reported by the manufacturer? Any input is greatly appreciated.

Not sure what you mean by 90mm correction, could we see the report?

Unless you are using the RS2 you will be just getting the phase center, which is different for both L1 and L2 even on the RS2. Its displayed as APC to ARP on the report.

How accurate do you need to be? Would it be easier to just get the report knowing its phase center only and just subtracting the phase center to ARP height afterwards to get the marker height?

Where does the 90mm come from, is it just a placeholder for the L1 L2 apc values until a new value is entered?

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