RCIO not connected with new setup

This is a fresh install of the navio2 image, and I have tried different pis and SD cards, strangely this setup works perfectly on my other navio2 board, but not the one I have just received. I have run the update rcio as prompted and this appears to be successful but it still does not work. I would be really grateful for any advice!

Hi Oli!

May I ask you to conduct a couple of tests? This will help me to understand what can cause the issue.

Please do the following:

  • run sudo emlidtool ardupilot

  • stop and disable on boot all ardupilots

  • reboot Raspberry Pi

  • run dmesg | grep rcio and share its output

  • run lsmod and share its output

Also, would it be possible to test this Navio2 with another Raspberry Pi?

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