RC1 servo reverse

I’m trying to build a drone with a coaxial rotor like this one
I need to reverse RC1 servo direction
I changed the direction on both the radio and on the APM (RC1_REV parameter changed to -1) but nothing changes…
Any idea?


Hi Ambogio.

I found out that I could only make changes in the full parameter (when I click “config/tuning”, then “full parameter list” on the left, make the changes, then “click write to”).

Changes in the parameters on the right side as shown in the picture didn’t work

Have you tried to only change the direction on the radio OR on the APM? Perhaps both changes will neutralize each other!?

Hi Ruprecht
Yes, I changed the parameters as shown on the left
And yes, I tried all the combinations but the behavior is always the same. My last chance is to change how the servo is mounted!

In any case, thanks for your time!