RC receiver probably not comunicated with EDGE and QGC

I have RC receiver (Graupner GR-24, 12 channels) connect to RC input on EDGE (first on left). Receiver is turn on and a bind to transmitter, but radio calibration in QGC is not working.

Do you have any idea?


Edge supports SBUS and PPM input. Graupner does not support SBUS, so you have to configure your receiver for “SUMO”,
that is PPM in Graupner language. Years ago when I used Graupner, this was set via the telemetry menu in the transmitter. Better refer to the manual of your TX/RX to
see how it is done now. Graupner also did allow to send all possible channels over PPM, by sending channel 1-8 in the first frame, 9-16 in the second and so on (If I remember correctly). This is not standard for PPM, so you will have to experiment, how many channels you can use.

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It´s working, thank you.

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