RC_MAPPING - Skid Steer robot - Not working as expected


I’m currently using a Navio2 board with ardurover 3.1.2.

I can’t seem to get RC_MAP working.

I’m currently trying to map channel RC channel 3 to throttle and RC channel 2 to Yaw in a skid steer (tank style robot).

When I monitor the output on mission planner.

When I move channel 2 (yaw) all I see is output channel 2 move. I’m expecting 2 channel to move in a differential manner when I move the Yaw stick.

Also when I move the throttle … I get no movement on any of the output channels

Any help would be great


Update to the latest 3.2.0 rc1
It works a LOT better there.

How do I upgrade to 3.2.0 rc1 ardu rover code from inside Navio2 ?

is there an apt-get upgrade process?

Can someone show me the steps

and after installing it do I simply run it just like the stable release or is it more fiddly ?


Hello there!

Take a look at the docs!

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Thanks You


Could you then share if the issue is solved on newer ArduRover?

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