RC Input Spektrum SRXL .. available serial port?

Hello, according to the ardupilot documentation The Spektrum SRXL protocol is supported through a direct UART connection:

I understand the default Navio RCIN only accepts PPM (which Spektrum stopped supporting) … but my questions is: is there a way to directly connect to an available raspberry PI serial port and use it for the RCIN function?

This link indicates a potentially spare UART on IO17 / IO18 …


… but I frankly have no idea how that would map to a serial port recognizable by ardupilot / mission planner. I guess in general I’m a little fuzzy on mappings from the NAVIO board to the arduino to ardupilot to mission planner.


Hi Andrew,

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Navio2 only supports PPM and SBUS inputs. Indeed, it doesn’t work with the SRXL protocol. The thing is, even if you connect the device to Navio2 and Raspberry Pi, it still needs additional code development to make it work.

However, as a workaround, you may check if there are Spektrum compatible receivers with SBUS output. You can take a look at the example of it from the older thread:

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