RC configuration not working

Hello, I am trying to build a drone and everything so far has gone okay. I have done all the steps including downloading the latest firmware and the transmitter and receiver are bound but when i go to configure the RC controller, no bars a shown to be moving. I am using a t6j with the R2008SB. I have used the command cat /sys/rcio/rcin/status/alive which give 1, but the rest (ch1, ch2, connected) give a value of one.
help in fixing this problem would be greatly appreciated, screen shots are attached.

ch1, ch2 and connected give a value of 0*

SB=sBus, use the sBus plug of the receiver…

T6j is really the minimum (only 6channels) to control Navio… Channel 5 to flight mode, channel 6 for tuning or Gimbal Tilt and no more option.


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