RC Channel limitation


If I am using Taranis -plus transmitter and X8R receiver by FrSky on my Navio2 via SBUS. How many RC Channels do I have available. I would like to activate all the PWM channels on the Navio 2 and be able to control them from the Taranis transmitter which has 16 channels. But my receiver has only 8 channels so am I only able to work with 1 through 8 or is there a way to activate the rest? If so how?

How do I pair the Channels on the transmitter with the pwm channels?

I am using Mission Planner.

Thank you for your assistance!

you need to bind x8r in the correct mode e.g. mode 5;
here is your solution;
connected to navio over sbus will make 16channels available!

you can configure every channel as passthrough if you want to; you will need to set up your taranis’s switches anyway; make sure to map them to the correct channels from the beginning (the easiest way imo)