RAW Logs format

Hi, I just received my kit and setup seems to be working fine except few minor issues.
First the data fields (Username and password) in wifi setup page for WPA Enterprise settings are flipped up. After numerous tries and flashing I finally made ssh over USB and found the problem when checking wpa configuration file.
Second I want the raw logs to be recorded at a central location on the network and for that I have setup Raw data log for onboard receiver and base corrections as ‘tcpsvr’ and port 9001 and 9002 respectively. Using rtknavi I have setup input streams as TCP client with ip address and port and it connects too when started. However, no data can be seen for any format i choose (RTCM3/2 or u-blox). Where am I going wrong please?


Thanks for the tip about WPA Enterprise wi-fi! We did not really have a chance to test it, sorry you had to go through this.

Could you please tell me the version of ReachView you’ve been using? A screenshot of the config tab with the settings would also help.

In general this feature should work. Did you try pinging Reach from the computer running RTKNAVI? If yes, could you connect to the ports with some other software, like netcat?

Thanks. I started getting logs once I updated again from within the reach app. Also, for anyone interested, they can apply for receiving corrections from any of the casters near their location. I was able to get an account through my university and it is working perfectly.

Hijacking this thread.
I`m stuck with rtknavi. Seams to connect but no info shows up.
rtkplot works fine

If you want to work with RTKNavi you need to send raw data there, not LLH. Choose raw data log as TCP and everything will work.

Yes, i saw this in page 8 in this manual http://www.rtklib.com/prog/manual_2.4.2.pdf

Like this?

Yes. Why have you decided to use RTKNavi instead of RTK on Reach itself?

hehe, i have no idea :flushed: .
But i still can`t get any info up on my navi…

You can get the same functions right on the Reach. How did you configure the input in RTKNavi?

like this

Format should be ubx, not RTCM3.

There must something i`m not seeing here, still nothing in navi.
I was actually a bit curious about sats, and where they are located

The port needs match Reach settings and be set to 9000

Both on 9000 and nothing.
Would be strang if something is blocking on 9000 when 9000 works on everyhting els

RTKNAVI has those square I/O statuses near I, O and L buttons at the top. What do they show?

This is what it shows.