Raw log lasts less time than expected

Hello everybody,

I am using 2 RS2 for surveying in PPK method, I have got since very nice result using emlid studio.

But in a particular case I got a RINEX file (from the Rover) that seems to be incomplete. Therefore the postprocessing is correcting only 160 points out of 400.

Is it possible for the receiver to zip an incomplete log file (raw data) ?

Hi @chokola27,

Such issues are usually related to the hardware setup. Do you use Reach M2/M+ on the drone? How is it connected to a camera?

I’m simply using two RS2 receiver, one as a base and another one as rover. PPK has been useful because it’s a survey in a rain forest.
Out of 14 surveying days, I got that raw data problem only during one particular day.

My raw data usually have around 200 mb when zipped ( same for rover and base).
But in that particular situation I got 54 mb for the rover and around 200 mb for the base.

I assume that the RINEX file from the rover is incomplete and therfore, not all the points receive correction while using emlid studio.

What to do to solve that problem and to avoid that situation in the future ?

Hi @chokola27,

Ah, so you work with Stop&Go. Sorry, I thought you were about drone data PPK for some reason.

Did you open raw logs in Emlid Studio? Do they indeed last less time than expected? You can just drag-and-drop the RINEX file to Emlid Stuiod and check the start and end time under the plot.

Hi @svetlana.nikolenko,

My first point from the csv was collected at 07:02:56 (GPST) and the last at 13:24:57 (GPST).
After plotting the raw data from the rover in emlid studio I noticed that the record started at 05:13:58 and stopped at 09:05:45 (GPST).

So, the log is indeed incomplete. That usually happens for two reasons:

  1. There is not enough memory left on the device

  2. You stopped logging but turned the unit off before the log was processed

If you’re sure these are not your cases, let’s investigate this deeper. I need the firmware version and a Full system report from the device. Please send them to support@emlid.com.

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Hi @svetlana.nikolenko,

Thank you for the answers, I will be considering the memory status and wait for enough time for the data process in my future survey.

I set my logging to start automatically and I never stop it at the end of data collection, I simply turn the units off and then download the files the next morning.

I haven’t gotten into that trouble again with my receivers, it was just an isolated situation, but if it will be helpful, I will send to you the full system report.

It’s absolutely ok to start logs recording automatically, but it’s better to stop them manually. If you face this issue once again, even with these recommendations, please let me know.

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