Raw data only GPS

Hi, I have a mapping task using emlid RS+ for base and I try to post process with cors data. I have setup RS+ to receive all sattelite data. But I see my obs data only GPS sat were received. Any body could help me?

thank you

Check your RTK settings tab, that’s where you can enable/disable the various constellations

I have attached an image that I have enable all satellite.

Nope…. It’s the wrong place.

This is the setting for what gets written in the log file. To enable or disable satellite constellations, that’s done in the menu Settings :arrow_right: GNSS settings.


I have choose all satellites. But I don’t know whyy obs file only consists GPS satellite?

Hi @dicky,

Can you please share the RINEX file that you export from the receiver? Please also send the Full system report. I’ll check what could be wrong.

Solved. Rtklib configuration is only display GPS data. So I enable all satellites.
Thank you

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