Raw Data from survey session

Hi everyone, I’m wondering if it’s possible to import raw collected data from the rover during a session. I can see that it can import rinex files, but as I don’t have any software to utilize this data, was wanting to get it in .csv or .dxf or a more common file type. Is this possible? I would assume associated with this data would be gps quality etc…

Hi Andrew,

You can download the raw data logs in RINEX or UBX formats only. The raw data log contains GNSS observations from the receiver without the calculation of accurate coordinates. So the CSV of DXF won’t be able to store this data properly.

Emlid Studio is a post-processing software that can work with RINEX and UBX files. It’s free so don’t hesitate to test it out! Here are the online docs for Emlid Studio that can be of great help.

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@andrewsevil Hi Andrew, am I correct in assuming that the rover was NOT an RX?
I’m wasn’t sure which GNSS receiver was being used as your rover.

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ok, thanks @liudmila.slepova, I’ll have a play with your suggestions.


RS2 in this case, both base and receiver.

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