Raw data comparison

measured from the state institutions in the field of cartography system in Turkey is examining raw data can compare with.

In other words, the points are sent both in csv format and as raw data, and the engineers checking it in this way examine whether the coordinates in the csv files are created manually or really created by the gps device.

In RTKLIB program, I could not see any part in ubx or rinex raw data to provide this verification.

What can we do about it?

Hi Akay,

The RTK solution provided in the CSV file is a result of averaging the measurements during some time. The whole measurement log is recorded in the Position file.

Raw data doesn’t contain a solution and you need to PPK them in the RTKLIB to get one.

Hi Tatiana,
When we match the RTCM data recorded by the device with RTKLib to raw data, can we compare the read files with the points read with the reach devices?

Let me briefly explain

I am looking for a method of checking whether the exported points in the reach devices by any means are the values ​​actually read in the field or manuelly entry

Do you have any news @tatiana.andreeva

Hi Akay,

As Tatiana has mentioned, the position of the receiver is recorded into the position log. So if you’d like to assess the data collected in the field, you need to check the position log.

After post-processing, you can compare the results of it with the coordinates collected in RTK. To do that, you need to open the post-processed file in RTKPlot. Then, for each point that you’d like to find the coordinates of, you need to set the time of the point collection start and the time of the collection finish in the Edit -> Time Span/Interval field. The start time and the end time of the collection can be found in CSV file. Please note that RTKPlot uses GPST time while in CSV file, the time is recorded in UTC.

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