Raspi camera not working after beinfg shielded

Hey there, I have installed aluminium foil on my camera to shield he interference for the gps, and now the raspberry pi is refusing to detect it…
The shielding I have installed is built in the following order:

  • layer of electrical tape
  • layer of aluminium foil
  • layer of electrical tape
    This is for a scholl project, which I will have to hand in next saturday, so it would be very nice to get some quick answers.
    The camera is turned on in the config, and I have tried to orient the connector both ways…

Well, clearly your shielding is shorting some contacts. Try removing it, testing without it and remaking the shielding with more careful insulation.

well thank you…
I just hoped it would be software, because this means a lot of work. May I ask for a recomended way of shielding the module?
And do I need to cover the entire cable? It is quite a close fit through the gap on the Navio 2.

EDIT: now I am getting mmal “sensor sent no data” errors, does this mean the problem is on the camera board?

There are really tiny components on the camera board. Make sure you have not ripped something of in the process of wrapping it in tape. A scratch with a fingernail is sometimes enough to do that.
The ribbon cable is also a weak point. Sharp bends and multiple insertions in the connectors might damage it.