Raspberry3 + Navio2 + Mission Planner


I am a beginner in these wanderings.

I have some problems, how do I install a new frimware 3.1.1 in mission planner?
As I calibrate my ECS, since there is no command in the mission planner for me to calibrate as some say here in the forum.

Diogo Luis


if you want to update ardupilot fw you need to put in the following in the command line on rpi/navio as stated in the docs (https://docs.emlid.com/navio2/Navio-APM/ardupilot-upgrade/):
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

i assume that means you want to calibrate your ESCs?
for calibrating ESCs you need to set ESC_Calibration to 1, raise your throttle on your remote, unplug and replug battery, wait for the beeps from your ESCs, pull throttle stick down and usually ESCs beep again!
make sure value of ESC_CALIBRATION is 0 again afterwards!

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I did the upgrade but did not upgrade to 3.1.1? Why? I use ArduRover

In my program does not appear ESC_Calibration where i found that?

Thanks for help.

you should find the value in full parameters list;

I am not sure which fw is the latest ArduRover at the moment;
what fw are you on?
could you describe your steps when trying to upgrade?