Raspberry pi3 + Navio2 - Swarm Robotics


I am initiating an academic project, and I have at my disposal the raspberry pi 3 and the navio2. Does anyone have tips on how to start this adventure? What program to use, whether or not to use the navio2?

Hey there,

The best way is to start with docs to understand if you’ll need navio2 in your project and what software and hardware you will need.

Moreover you can check out this thread, it contains links to getting started videos:


I followed your advice to follow the links that you post. Https://github.com/emlid/Navio2/blob/navio2/C%2B%2B/Navio/PWM.cpp.
With this code I was able to get the motors to work but through impulses. How can I change to make the engines run constantly or for a fixed time by me? This doubt gets in due to the difficulty in perceiving the code.

Thank you for your help,

Diogo Luis