Raspberry pi zero 2 w support?


I have been using navio2 with a raspberry pi 4B for a few years.

I am trying to make my quad smaller and more lightweight, and to this end I would like to replace the Pi 4B with a Pi Zero 2 W. I know that the original Pi Zero lacked the compute to run arducopter properly, but the based on the list of officially supported PI boards, the Pi Zero 2 W should be able to run it just fine.

In practice, however, if I take the official image (emlid-raspbian-20220608.img), and flash it to an sd card, the Pi Zero 2 W does not boot. If I plug in an HDMI monitor, it hangs at the “colourful splash” screen. The same SD card in my Pi 4B boots just fine.

How hard would it be to get the image to boot on Pi Zero 2 W? Could it just be a case of modifying some files in the boot partition, or could it be more complex?


Hi @optiluca,

We didn’t test Navio2 with Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W so I won’t be able to share a possible configuration of it. I can only recommend using the boards that we listed in our guide to ensure the correct operation of the system.

Is there any plan to support Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W? It seems like a perfect fit, as it should have enough computational power, but is much smaller than the full sized boards.

Hi @optiluca,

Currently, we don’t have plans for supporting it.

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