Raspberry Pi OS Buster 64 bit?

We are setting up an autonomous aerial drone based on RPi 4 and Navio 2, and we need to include specific tools for on-board multimedia data processing, including. However, If I got it right, the latest Raspberry Pi OS Buster is still a 32 bit OS, which prevents us to use some fundamental tools such as the Pytorch framework. I would ask if a 64 bit version of the Pi OS Buster will be available shortly, or where we can find instructions to set up a Navio2-compatible OS starting from the latest 64 bit Raspbian already available for the RPi.


Hi Carlo,

At the moment, we don’t have plans on upgrading the Navio2 image. You may use the pin-gen-navio tool to build the custom Raspberry Pi OS image.

Hi Liudmila,

Thanks! We’ll try to build the 64 bit Buster/Navio version, we’ll keep you informed.


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