Raspberry Pi Image not loaded with Emlid

Hey, folks! Anyone notice that the Pi image for the Navio2 does not download as a headless OS, nor does it have emlidtools and ardupilot loaded? Wow, am I missing something here?

To be clear - the download from the emlid page is the standard Jessie Raspberry Pi image with GUi and LibreOffice and all that junk. Where did the headless OS go?!

This is the link: https://docs.emlid.com/navio2/common/ardupilot/configuring-raspberry-pi/

Hi @andy.mcleod,

It’s strange. I’ve just tried to flash RPi with this image, and it’s definitely Emlid Raspbian.

Could you please try to download and flash the image again? Is it possible you’ve flashed RPs with another image accidentally?

Tatiana, I would like o thank you for your quick response! The image downloaded correctly this morning and all seems well. I will contact you again if there are further problems.

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