Raspberry Pi Configuration with Ubuntu 22.04 and ArduPilot: Guide for Using the Navio2 Board

Good morning!

I am currently working on a project to develop an aquatic drone using Navio2 and Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately, I am unable to use the recommended operating system by the Navio2 manufacturer (Raspberry Pi configuration | Navio2 ) as I need to use Ubuntu 22.04 in order to include nodes in ROS2.

Although I have found information on how to build the code on Raspberry Pi (Building for NAVIO2 on RPi3 — Dev documentation ), I haven’t been able to configure the connection with my ground station or execute the code I have built. I would greatly appreciate it if someone has any information or advice regarding this.

Hi Manuel,

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These instructions explain how you can build ArduPilot firmware from sources on top of the Navio2 image we provide. If you build it on Ubuntu 22.04, it won’t work since it doesn’t contain parts of the software that are responsible for the communication with Navio2 sensors.

I can only suggest trying to create your own Raspberry Pi OS image using our pi-gen tool.