Raspberry Pi 4 Serial Ports + Ardupilot with Moving Baseline RTK


I have telemetry connected to the serial port of my NAVIO2, which leaves no serial ports available to connect my 2 RTK GPS in Moving Baseline Configuration.

As I understand it, the Raspberry Pi 4 has up to 5 serial ports built in which is a big improvement on the previous Pi’s.

Is it possible to access the additional serial ports through the 2.54mm header pins and to configure Ardupilot to ignore the internal GPS and use these pins for 2 x RTK GPS as as per the instructions here https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-gps-for-yaw.html ?

I guess it is probably also possible to add USB to serial converters, but this starts to get more complicated than it needs to be and my preference for simplicity and robustness would be to access the Pi 4’s additional serial ports.



Hi @paddy,

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We have the IO17 and IO18 pins on the Navio2 header UART available. Please, check out the pinout for more details.

Also, as you’ve noted, you can use USB ports of the Raspberry Pi.

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