Raspberry Pi 2 + Navio+ + ROS package

Hi, I’m new to Navio+.

I want to know how to build ROS with Navio+, actually with RT Kernel I think.
Previously, I’ve tried to build a ROS(indigo) but, ROS package is not available to install.
Anyone have a problem same as mine? or Anyone have a solution for this situation?

I will wait for answer! thk.

I am working on Ubuntu image with RT-kernel for NAVIO+.

You can interface APM with ROS easly: with MAVROS package over localhost udp. You can install ROS on Navio image, but you can have unpleasant experience with ROS on Debian Wheezy if you something more than basic instalation.

I tested MAVROS with Pixhawk and USB connection - it works fine. I’m only not shure, that APM handles steering commands via MAVLINK.

I am also thinking about bulid-in ROS communication into APM binaries - It shouldn’t be hard, but it’s require rewrite makefiles for cmake.

I have tired to go down the path of compiling it for the Navio image and it was a nightmare. I did not get very far. Mavlink never complied correctly for me
I think Ubuntu with the RT kernel is a better way to go but you would need to compile a later version of the Kernel than the one that comes with the Navio Image as Ubuntu will have issues with an older kernel.

I am going to wait till Emlid comes out with a new Navio Image on a latter kernel, to solve all these issues.

We are looking into providing an image with ROS preinstalled. No promises yet, but this surely will be a good addition.

Raspbian or Ubuntu?

This is great news as it would make it better for providing support for Researchers and automation hobbyist such as myself.

For now I am looking at using Dronecode.

Hello, did you have any successes with ROS or Dronecode? I am also looking at these options :slight_smile:

Hello, So I am using Dronekit GitHub - dronekit/dronekit-python: DroneKit-Python library for communicating with Drones via MAVLink. as I cant get ROS to build correctly. This is also far simpler.