Raspberry 2 realtime kernel image

Well duh.


How to compile arduCopter? git link is broken and typin make configure show
error: Not a git repository …


Have you tried to follow our tutorial? I just checked all links and they don’t seem to be broken.
Could you please copy the steps that’d led to the mistake, because at the moment it’s kinda hard to deduce the source of your problem from the information we’re given.

https://github.com/emlid/ardupilot/tree/navio-rpi2 here is the link
ardupilot/ArduCopter#$make configure

@george.staroselskiy has added runtime configuration for RPI2 and RPI, so there is no need for a separate branch any more, you can compile from the https://github.com/emlid/ardupilot/tree/navio branch.

when i tried to clone, shows
error: the requested URL returned error 430 …
How i can to compile from the URL, first i must to got cloen right?


git clone -b navio git@github.com:emlid/ardupilot.git
cd ardupilot/ArduCopter
make configure
make navio 

These are the commands you can use to compile APM from source code. Works for me!
What OS do you use? Could you please copy and paste the commands you’re using? Thus, we can understand what your problem is.

Maybe you’re trying to compile on your Rasperry Pi but it’s not connected to the Internet? Could that be the case?

Either way, if you’re not going to modify the source code, you can just use our .deb package for installation.

its very good news about running main loop at 400Hz without missing a single cycle in RPI2
is that’s mean its very secure autopilot .
how can i test my RPI1 and i will try testing my RPI2
but also PX4 autopilot have 400Hz output servo >>> what do you think !


Servo output frequency is 490Hz for copter, so no limitations here.

interesting , what is the servo output frequency for arduplane
i have 333Hz digital servo
APM 2.6 have only 50Hz servo output frequency for arduplane
so whats about NAVIO+
i think NAVIO+ have more than that :slight_smile:

RCOutput frequency is a configurable parameter, Navio supports all the necessary frequency values for APM.

interesting ,
can you tell me how to change RCOutput frequency to 330HZ servo output
am using arduplane.

Thanks for your effort on the RT kernel. Could you update the GitHub page to reflect your recent changes? (I’d like to modify your config to get USB audio working RT - not related to Navio+).

Look for RC_SPEED

@Mike_Kuehn I am sure that we got the latest version on GitHub.


I’ve removed old branches and set the working rt branch to be default in the repo.
Also, pull request for USB driver fix I’ve made has been accepted in Raspberry Pi kernel, so currently it’s okay to apply rt patch over it (and then disable USB_FIQ in cmdline.txt).

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Thanks. Could you please update the instructions on the README?

Specifically, there is no need to git checkout, and arch/arm/boot/Image does not exist.

arch/arm/boot/Image is the compiled kernel and, of course, will appear only after successful kernel compilation.

After following the instructions on ArchLinux:

~/linux-rt-rpi/arch/arm/boot (git)-[rpi-3.18.9-rt5] % ls
bootp/  compressed/  dts/  install.sh  Makefile

The instructions used to work… creating a Image file as expected…

Please post what you’re doing step by step and the terminal output after you run make -j5.