Ras Pi3 NAVIO2 Ver3.4 RC4 crash

Rotation Yaw axis crash.
It seems most of the EKF is made in error.

2016-10-02 16-29-32.tlog (218.5 KB)

3 times Tri, three times crash.

Could you please provide us with onboard logs?
They are stored in /var/APM/logs.

Mr. mikhailavkhimenia.

Log file attached.

2016-10-02 16-25-40.log (4.5 MB)

Maybe I am blind, but shouldn’t there be at least two IMUs listed?

Could you please describe what has happened more thoroughly?
As far as I can see, there’s nothing wrong with either compasses or gyros. Or any hardware on the board for that matter. So in order to perform a more rigorous analysis we’ll need a little more information. I also suggest posting this on http://discuss.ardupilot.org/ . It might be a general ArduPilot issue.

is it possible you mounted navio with the wrong direction pointing (not precisely) to the front? what are your AHRS orientation settings? did you set any compass orientation settings?
(ekf2 reports there is yaw alignment probem and he uses gps for yaw)

Could it be a hardware error.
My smaller copter crashed sometimes when the ESC died.
The behavior was unpredictable but clearly a hardware issue.

Only abnormality occurs when the Yaw axis rotated continuously.

Logging at the time of the auto-mode flight the same day.

Well, I will try to reproduce it with my copter. Would be interesting.

Please tell me the results.

Log File.

2016-10-02 15-53-20.log (9.7 MB)