Rainbow on the screen using Emlid image on Raspberry Pi

Hey guys, first of all, I’m not a linux expert.

So, I’ve been triyng to write the configured raspbian image to my raspberry pi 2 B using the Win32DiskImager utility on my windows 8.1 laptop, as instructed on the documents, but it doesn’t work, I try to start the raspberry after writing it and the tv monitor tells me that it’s not getting signal.

I also tried the older verson of the image, and in that case I do get signal on the monitor. However, the screen just shows those colors, like the raspberry cannot start properly, and stays that way.

If someone could help me solve this, it would be awesome, because i need to solve it to start my final project.

Thanks in advance

Did you unzip before using installing .

Yes, I did, but I have the same problem that with the old one, it just freezes and doesn’t start

After installing to disc you should be able to open and see folders. If you can’t maybe you have not got it unzipped properly. Have you looked at image after installing?

If I open the drive and look at the files, I can see them, this is what it looks like

We’re using headless Raspbian. That means no monitors. Could you please try to connect via Wi-Fi and ssh into it?

What do you mean? Could please send us a photo of your monitor after a boot endeavour? Does the problem persist on the default Raspbian image? I suppose, the cause of the problem might be the faulty Raspberry.

yes, the monitor looks like this when I try to boot, and no, on the default raspbian image, downloaded from the official page, that didn’t happen

Well, I tried, but in order to do that, i need the IP adress of the raspberry, and I am not sure on how to obtain it, because i’ve read, in the documentation, that I can use the nmap utility, but I have to download it, right?

Hi, i’m just begining, having the same issue. did you solve it?

Can you connect over ssh?

No, I can’t. Act led is blinking 7 times: which i assume means kernel.img wasn’t found. Nothing is found on wifi (Wi-Pi) using Nmap and Ethernet Leds are light off. I’m preparing 20160212 img for testing. otherwise, rpi is booting from a NOOBS pre-installed SD card.

Well, I can hardly reproduce this problem. I have several RPi2/3 lying around. All of them worked fine so far with the images. I think, it is maybe not the image. However, I am not sure what breaks the process. Is the downloaded image not corrupted? is the SD card compatible with the Pi?

thank you for checking, i think i made a noob mistake. I was using the first pi i found, B+ which is Pi 1; it seems to work better on a Pi3.
deserve a -1 rating :frowning:

Guys, I’m closing the thread as it seems that all problems are gone once you plug the SD card with the image into a supported Raspberry Pi.