Hi, masters. Any body know others radio for reach besides rfd900 and 3dr telemetry?

@dicky Hi! Basically, almost any UART radio should work. What exactly are you looking for - longer distance, different frequency?

Thank you @mikhail.avkhimenia, actually I’m looking for longer range.

What range in kilometers do you expect?

Sorry, actually radio which is not influenced by obstacles and such as trees and building about 1km.

Did you try RFD900+ - the plus model?
RFD900+ definitely should be able to hit 1km, it’s output is 1W.

I have try it, but now it’s broken, because my mistake put wrong 5v and ground, it was hot and now the range just about 3 meters. Before i get about 200 meters with power 10 and no obstacles. So maybe there is a radio which no matter with obstacles in 1 km range?

Well, there are high-power radios of a few Watts that should do that with ease, but they are more expensive and usually require licensing. Something like this (not tested).

I’m pretty sure that RFD900+ should be able to hit 1km when power is set to 30 dBm even if there are few trees nearby. If the obstacles are dense you could place the antenna higher on a mast and\or use a directional antenna.

If you’re in a city among skyscrapers then it probably would be better to use 3G\4G.

What about this
27dBm(100mW) 170MHz UART 5km RF Wireless Transceiver Module 500mW 5000m Super penetration High Power

Cheaper than rfd900+ but i don’t know better or not.

Lower frequency should help a bit at rounding obstacles, but its transmit power is 500mW compared to 1000mW of RFD900+. Performance should be approximately the same, but who knows - maybe it will work better in your case, so should be tested.

All must be tasted to know the performance. I want to do it some day. And have you heard about LoRa? The manufacturer claimed it can get 2km distances in town with buildings (obstacles). But i don’t know, can it be used in reach. May be some one in this community has used it. I want use it, but i don’t know can be used or not.

this looks very interesting!

i got 4-5 km range with my rfd868 radios…

You can have a look to these modems (170MHz 500mW said to be ‘Usable range over 10km’)

Woooww… awesome, Would share full configuration here @Andreas_Ortner, and is that loss or with obstacles?

most of the information is in that tread.

in austria i am only allowed to send with 10 % duty cycle and not full power.