Radio type

Hi, I’m new here
I needed help on the radio
I have base and rover
I need to buy them a radio but do not know the right product for them I’ve found so many products
I needed to know how to connect
I will attach a picture of what I have
I hope you help
thank you


RFD900 or RFD868 for long range

Can you help me with a link?

This is the first that comes up with google.
I think there are severel versions out there, but they should work fine.
Be aware of power drain if connected to Reach.

@bide made a nice post with details on RFD900 here. A bit old, but a goodie

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Yes, the RFDesign radios are not the cheapest for sure, but they are built very well:

Then there are also the 3DR radio clones which are very cheap. The 3DR and RFDesign radios have similarities in their software (SiK software).

Now there are others available, such as the LoRa type and which are installed in the Reach RS and RS+. These seem to be quite good, but that depends on the firmware.

Emlid is using a third-party proprietary firmware in the LoRa radios and that combination seems to work quite well.

A radio module will be available for purchase in the future, but it will only work with the Reach M+, and not with the original Reach module. So, that is not an option for you right now.

Another good resource to read about people’s experience with radios is the DIYDrones website.

Can I use this

Looks ok.

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