Radio test...get fix,,,,,great!

(dicky) #1

Hi, thanks and best regards to @bide, my friend. I have tried to use the radio and I have been getting great results. This is just first attempt to try the radio for connection. the result is very good.

(Andrew Crinson) #2

RFD900? Have you tried 3DR radio by any chance I’m interested in a comparison. Additionally what’s you bps on the GPS inject screen?

Many thanks


(dicky) #3

Sorry, i didn’t try 3dr , because i don’t know how to change transmitter become receiver, vice versa. Bps, do you mean air speed, 64.


That’s great to hear!

(and nice ship by the way!)

ReachView v0.4.9 update
(dicky) #5

That’s right!!

Today i try use the reach for road mapping, the range still short, about 200 meters.