Radio link won't work

Hello, I’ve done several tests with WIFI setup and it goes well. However, I have ran into problems with the radio telemetry connection (433mhz 3DR V2). Specifically, the LED indicates that there was no data transmission between the two radio kits. I’ve tried several times with different wiring and it just won’t work, I wonder if there is anything I was missing in the setup?

Bascially I am following the guidance on the docs, set the correction link to serial–UART–57600, and the GPS 5hz was applied to both units. Any help please, thanks

I’ve been working with the 3dr radios recently.

What I did to make heads and tails of them I started stripping away everything till the bare minimum. Since I was working with serial on both end for my application, I got serial converters to TTL and wired them directly.

Once I knew I had the link working and I could send data between them and verify (saw the RED led + see data coming over the link via minicom) I knew the link was configured correctly and then moved onto bolting it to my hardware.

Since you aren’t getting data sent over that is where I would start. Some way to verify you can manually shoot data over the link.

Hi Mister.

Could you be more specific, when you say “I got serial converters to TTL”. What does it mean.

I am new in this matter and I have 3DR radios, but I do not get connect them.

Thanks in advance.

sorry @Jorge_Cano, I must have missed your reply.

Here are the serial converters I got. The sik radios talk via TTL which is different from RS232.

In your case you would only need one of these for the drone side of the receiver as the other end should be USB. You will still need a RS232 to USB converter for this to work, so I’m not for sure if this is the best way to test your setup.

OMG I’m stupid. Here is an easier way to test them, especially if you have linux.

If you are using a linux based autopilot like the Navio+ or Navio2, just connect everything like you are supposed to as in the docs. On the laptop side install minicom and open the port up to the radio, on my laptop it normally shows up as /dev/ttyUSB0. If not for sure run dmesg after plugging in the radio to find the device created.

On the autopilot side ssh in and kill the APM process. Install minicom and open the port, I think its /dev/ttyACM0 or something similar since you are using the UART port on the Navio+ or Navio2. Once setup you should be able to type on the laptop and it should show up on the SSH session on the Navio+ or Navio2. This should work in both directions. If so you know the link is setup. If not you might want to double check the config, things like radio speed and network ID need to match on both ends. You can use the ATT commands as listed here or a handy utility another forum member, bide, wrote

If your on windows I’m sure there is a hyperterminal or some type of terminal emulator that will open up the COM port.
Also there is a SIK utility for windows. The problem is you need to test both end of the radio link which is hard to do with out the TTL interface above I linked.

Best of luck!

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