Radio control via PPM only (no connection to GCS computer Mission Planner etc.)

Hello Everyone,

I just built my first quad using Navio2. Currently it needs internet connection to GCS computer Mission Planner to fly. I use a radio controller via PPM (Futaba T10J), and I was wondering if I can control the quad using radio only.


you can fly with RC control just fine.
Switch on your transmitter first, then your quad.
Wait till the Raspberry Pi finished booting up and APM is loaded.
Then you can arm your copter with the TX sticks.
Throttle zero and yaw to the right. The LED on the Navio will start to blink. When it is lit up solid the copter should be ready to fly.
Of course, you need to configure the flightmodes via GCS first. You can use a 3 position switch on your TX. One mode should always be “Stabilize”.
If you want 6 flightmodes, you need to do some mixing in your TX with a 2 position and a 3 position switch.

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