Radio connection Reach RS2 and simpleRTK2B

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I would like to use the Emlid Reach RS2 as a base and send RTCM3 messages via radio to a simpleRTK2B (ZED-F9P) device that has a XBee SX 868 module and antenna mounted to get an RTK fix. However, the simpleRTK2B doesn’t make a connection over radio to get into DGNSS mode in u-center. The ports of the simpleRTK2B are set-up in such a way that they should receive RTCM3 messages. I tried different baudrates, but still no connection.

Does anyone know how to make this set-up work? Do I need to apply different configurations to the EMLID or simpleRTK2B? Which ones?


What radio are you using with your RS2? If it is the internal LoRa radio, it will not work.

Sounds like you need a matching XB connected to your RS2. Even though different radios are 900 mhz doesn’t mean they can talk with one another.


I’m indeed using the internal radio of the RS2. I wasn’t aware that this is not compatible with XBee radios. Does the RS2 only communicate with other EMLID radio’s or is it just the XBee that is causing the problem here?

The other option I have is to output the RTCM messages over the serial port to a RS232-to-XBEE converter and use two XBee modules. That should also do the trick right?

Correct. They are using some proprietary settings in their LoRa. Many of us wish this were not the case.

Yes you can use the Lemo connector RS232 to connect another matching radio. I have done this with SiK 3DR radios and RFD900 radios. There is a document describing how to do so for the M2, I am not sure if they have one on the RS2. Hardware integration | RTK Modules

I haven’t messed with the XBee’s. I looked at them but didn’t find any in an enclosure. This is why I went with the 3DR radios. A pair in enclosures can be had for under $40. They also have a micro USB port that can be used with the RS2’s USB port and a OTG USB cable to connect the radio that way.

I actually used my M2 with a RFD900+ to make a base station for my Trimble system. This transmits to a 3DR radio which is connected to the Trimble monitor. Both the 3DR and RFD radios work off of SiK software/principals so they do talk with each other. Here is a link to my project. My M2 project, Trimble Base Station

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Thanks for the explanation. I ordered a RS232-to-XBee converter so I can try it with my two XBee modules I already have. I think that should be working (it is working with simpleRTK2Bs).

You will also need one of the cables from Emlid. Either with a DB9 male or female end depending on your XBee or the cable with no end.

I purchased the second cable with no end so I could make an extension cable with weather tight connectors. I use Deutsch connectors on the end of the Emlid cable and made an extension cable with the matching end.

If they have USB available for XBee I think it would be a cleaner install/connect to your RS2

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Hi @seanzandbergen,

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Various LoRa radio suppliers utilize different configuration protocols and firmware for their radios. That’s why LoRa radios usually work fine with LoRa radios of the same manufacturer only.

We haven’t tested RS-232-to-XBEE converters. However, Reach RS2 should work fine with external radios connected via the RS-232 port with an appropriate converter.

To check if Reach can provide simpleRTK2B with all necessary RTCM3 messages, you can look through the list of the messages that Reach can transmit. On the latest dev, we added support for 1004, 1008, 1012, and 1033 messages as well.

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I wasn’t aware of that. I will have to try it with my Trimble setup

Thank you @kseniia.suzdaltseva . Sounds like it should work!
I’ll keep you updated once I received the RS-232-XBee converters and are able to try it out.

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