Radio connection help

Hi! I need some help! I have a turnigy 9x radio with reciever and i cannot seem to connect to the reciever, so i’m wondering how should i connect the reciever to my board? right now i have the bind plug connected at channel 9 and channel 10 connected to the second channel on my navio.

I have now got he receiver connected but apm planner wont recognise the radio when i try calibrating it, resulting in :

Hello Daniel,

Do you use the original receiver that came with Turnigy 9X? If yes, then unfortunately there is no PPM output on it, so it is not possible to connect it to Navio without external hardware. You would need PPM encoder like this one -

ok, Tank you for the information!

i now have got ppm encoder and installed it on the model, but i still get “no radio connected” in apm planner :confused:

Hello, is this PPM encoder the same as the one displayed on HobbyKing?


I orderd one from ebay that looked like it, so probably not. =/

Tell me about your experience, did it work?

The cheap ebay ones did not work and i cant find a link to them. i orded three from hk yesterday and i hope they will work!

I ordered it from Hobby King as well in the end, waiting for it now

I received the ppm enconder from HobbyKing yesterday night, I will test it today…

Does the receiver work on its own? Do you have a servo to test it?

did it work?

It works very well!!!

Got it too, the light flashes red but how do you bind the radio ?

@Maysun_Hassanaly here’s how i did it

Aha. Cheers for that ! I didn’t receive the binding cable with the receiver which is what confused me. I guess I’ll order one now !

@Maysun_Hassanaly you can use tweezers instead of the cable as it simply connects a couple of pins.