Radio Calibration


I recently updated to the new emlid image for navio2.

What are the different modes 0: auto and others are manual, what are these configurations?

I picked auto to get started and was able to connect to mission planner. I can’t get feedback on mission planner from the receiver I am using FrSky X8R receiver with a Taranis -plus transmitter. If I hook up a servo directly to the receiver I can control it from the transmitter.

They are bound together, the light on the receiver is green. When I go to initial set up > mandatory hardware > Radio Calibration. I get zero feedback from my transmitter.

I am not sure whether it has to do with the modes, how do I solve that?

Thank you for your assistance and patience!

Are you referring to update-alternatives generated output?
If so, please read our docs on the topic.

I suppose, the modes that you’re now referring to are the RC transmitter modes (which stick controls yaw and so on), aren’t you? Either way, that shouldn’t really affect Radio Calibration tab as is. You should see green bars if everything’s connected alright.

Could you please share with us output of cat /sys/kernel/rcio/rcin/ch2 after moving up throttle stick?


I see all green bars: Navio2, telemetry, receiver.

When I output cat /sys/kernel/rcio/rcin/ch2 I get values ranging from 982 to 2006.

Yes I am referring to update-alternatives, I saw that document but didn’t find explanation on what the different manual modes and auto of arduplane.

Thank you for your assistance!

The word mode is used there in entirely different context. It has nothing to do with RC transmitter. If you want to understand what is update-alternatives is good for, you can read a manual. But I repeat that it has nothing to do with RC transmitter. It’s used to manage symlinks for binaries.