Radio calibration not working

I’m using the d4r-ii and the taranis q x7 controller. I can’t calibrate the throttle and all that. And when I run “cat /says/kernel/rcio/rcin/ch2” no matter what I do I get 0. What am I doing wrong?


Show us a picture of your receiver wiring. According to receiver documentation, If CH3 and CH4 are connected by a jumper, CH1 will output CPPM for CH1~CH8.


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Ohhh, that’s what I was missing. I got it now. Here is the picture.

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Hi @zackous672252,

Is it working fine now?

Yes it is thank you for pointing out the jumper. The new problem is mission planner. I tried to fly the drone but it kept falling on its side which I think is either:

-it isn’t balanced
-it is not fully calibrated so it can’t balance itself

  • the speed controllers are in the incorrect pwm slot causing the motors to spin in the wrong direction

Also when I calibrated the taranis I had to swap the throttle and the roll cause the left joystick was roll instead of throttle, and I set the joystick limits to 1100 and 1900 like mission planner asked.

Hi @zackous672252,

Did you manage to resolve problem with your drone falling on the side?

No, I tested it out this weekend and it kept falling over. I noticed a few things. I consider the front to be the white part of the drone and the red to be the back. I think that I have the raspberry pi backwards and it’s affecting the gyro. Also when I was messing around with the python commands (I forgot what they are called) I was able to make the drone fly but it was so powerful and basic (literally just told the speed controllers to run at a certain frequency with no means of self stabilization) that I had to hold it above my head to keep it from flying and crashing. Point is when I compare it to the flight mission planner provides it’s not as powerful and that can be a problem for me later. The drone needs to carry a small load and it can’t even carry itself assuming weight is contributing to the problem. I’m going to take off my 3d printer landing gear to save weight. Last issue, I found two motor screws missing when I got home so I either lost them that day or I just tried to fly a incomplete drone. I’ll post a picture of the drone shortly.

Hi @zackous672252

If you use such color configuration, you must turn your RPi. You can find the arrow on it which shows to the front.

I think you should make the calibration once again.

Keep us updated with your project.
Hope you’ll make it fly!

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