Quickly switch between stakeout and point collection?


I am a new user to Emlid Flow which I am using in combination with a Reach RS2 receiver and iPad to run Flow. One primary use of mine is precisely reoccupying topographic points via stakeout mode in RTK fix. I really like the intuitive combination of the map interface and bulls-eye GUI to get within 2.5 cm tolerance but had a question about point collection while staking out many points.

I know in the documentation it says to “Physically mark the point’s position on the ground” but in my case what I’d like to do is collect a point once the receiver is level over the point within the 2.5cm bulls-eye. So far, all I’ve done is keep the receiver level on this point and switch out of stakeout and back to collection mode to grab the point. I’m usually running repeat transects that have dozens of points, so this gets a bit clunky to switch between the 2 modes. Is there something I’m missing (more rapid way of point collection via stakeout) or is this the only way to do it?



Hi Jimmy,

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There’s no option to collect a point right after stakeout now, but I agree it can be helpful for applications like yours. We’re thinking about having it in the app in the future.


Thanks for the quick reply, Kseniia!

Cool, that’s great that the team is considering this functionality for future updates, definitely has my support and hopefully others!


Hi Kseniia!
I’d like to 2nd Jimmy’s request for this functionality. Being able to collect a point in stakeout mode is a real need. Other GNSS apps (Trimble, Microsurvey, SurvCE, etc.) include this capability. I’m kind of surprised Flow requires one to leave Stakeout and go to Survey mode to mark a point.


Hi Pat,

Thanks for the details! Added a +1.

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Hi Jimmy. I survey beach profiles using the Survey option by importing their lines into a Project and then zooming in to the line as displayed and moving along it shooting points where I want them. I have only done 3 days of survey so am not too sure of the graphics scale but when it says the scale bar is <1m it only tales a movement of ~20cm to go from one side of the line to the other on the screen. Looking (with a 2nd phone) at the Free option (does it display Lines?), I was thinking of simply importing Points at 1m intervals and following the onscreen breadcrumbs trail and taking my shots where I need them.
best wishes, RonO


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Hi @jguilinger and @piampietro,

I want to let you know that we’ve recently released the Stakeout Report feature in Emlid Flow 10.1. Also, you can now collect stakedout points in the app.

It’s available under the Survey plan. If you’d like to try it, you can get a free 30-day trial of the Survey plan.

We’d love to hear your feedback!